We are Bryan and Ashley, the couple who cooks everything found on this blog.  Established under one roof in late May 2011 with our little kitchen helper Natalie, we were excited to begin experimenting with food in our small apartment kitchen. Propelled by our shared love of eating, we quickly devised a plan of action for our nightly dining experiences where we would try new recipes gathered from a plethora of publications, blogs, and websites.

All recipes found on this blog have nutrition in mind, as Bryan is a stickler for all things healthy. Because of his past struggles with obesity and unhealthy eating habits, Bryan chose to adopt a new lifestyle that incorporates home-cooked, healthy, and delicious meals with a consistent weightlifting regime. Though hesitant, after tasting some of the delicious kitchen concoctions Bryan made, Ashley was soon sold on the idea of implementing more nutritious choices in meals and snacks. It wasn’t gross, and it wasn’t difficult! Soon Ashley found that virtually any recipe can be adjusted with simple swap-outs to heighten the nutritional content, which was an excellent discovery as she was armed with an arsenal of recipes that were a bit lack-luster in the nutrition department.

And so it began. The birth of our food blog. Not only did we want a way to chronicle our daily endeavors with recipes, but we wanted a chance to share our successes and failures with people like us: those that want to be a little healthier without complicated, unmanageable recipes. If we can cook these things, so can you!

Thanks for visiting! Enjoy the blog and feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or suggestions at smkitchbigflav@gmail.com

-Bryan and Ashley


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